Hopeful 2018 Novice - Class & Safety Setup Help Needed

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Hopeful 2018 Novice - Class & Safety Setup Help Needed

Postby mmmmurray » Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:01 pm

Hi all!

Hoping to join as a Novice in 2018 and looking for some help on classing and what I need for prep over the winter (car & safety). I'm in the Philly area, so Duryea/Pagoda are my current schedule aims. Have been autocrossing/HPDE for about 5 years, and am looking to take another step towards competition and hillclimbs have always been on the radar.

My '97 328is is currently classed as FP for SCCA solo rules, but in reality is just an underprepared STX car that was interior stripped for easy track duty (generally no performance mods past STX level - suspension and safety reinforcements only). Big thing for me is remaining street legal so I can drive to events.

For car safety, I have a 4pt bolt in bar, with 6 point harnesses on a fixed back FIA seat. Belts are current, and I'll be adding a fire extinguisher shortly. What else do I need in-car? Reading the rules it sounds like a bottle is OK vs full suppression system, and didn't see a kill switch needed. About window nets/arm restraints... what's needed there? Watched some old run recap videos and saw -SP cars running without a net (or so I thought). Any thing else?

Personally, I understand I'll need a 2-3 layer suit or single layer with nomex undies. Nomex socks with fire shoes/gloves and no balaclava unless I've got a sweet stache (right?). Already have a SA2015 helmet (with posts - do I need to run a HANS as well?) Do all classes run full suited? Is there anything else I need?

Probably forgot some detail, but plenty of dumb questions will surely follow. Thanks in advance!!
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Re: Hopeful 2018 Novice - Class & Safety Setup Help Needed

Postby Rick Kase » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:41 pm

Glad to here from a new hillclimber.
First it is not possible to say a car meets the safety requirements without an actual inspection. It sounds like you are on the right track. Go the results page and look at an event from this year and it will give our Supps. They will also give the classes we run. Download from SCCA home page the tech info for roll bar to check if yours is OK. Unless the class you choose requires a fire system a bolt in extinguisher is good.
Fire suit Requirements - 2 - 3 layer may not require underware depending on the suit rating look at the patch on the suit.
There should be someone in your area (SCCA region) that can look at the car, hopefully one will respond to your post.
I hit some of your points, we will stop for now. It is better to cover items one or two at time, suggest you find there your car will be classed and than we will get into what you need.

Rick Kase
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