Time Trials National event

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Time Trials National event

Postby miniacmike » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:27 am

So now that some of the smoke has died down and most of understand what this is, and the fact that it does not effect our hillclimbs, I figured I would share this.
I got a email earlier today from Heyward Wagner. He is the guy behinde this program. Here is his response to some of the questions that were brought up.

Here are some thoughts in no particular order:

 First and foremost- There are no rules changes for 2018, and nothing scheduled for 2019.  The only changes we are looking at are limited to creating separate documents for Track Events, Time Trials and Hillclimb as each of these are unique disciplines and each should have it’s own identity, leadership and documents. AND, NOTHING that the TTB/National Staff does with Time Trials Nationals is (OR COULD BE) a mandate for Regions to follow.  This is an effort to build a model that can be followed, but is in no way intended to be, allowed to or designed to be   Hillclimbing is near and dear to me- I grew up going to Chimney Rock every year (my parents were the flag chiefs) and I was at many of the attempts to replicate it (Grandfather, Beech, etc).  I would love to see Hillclimbing become and important part of the SCCA portfolio, and I do not pretend to think that I could/would/should do that alone. To be crystal clear, I do want HC to have it’s own identity- I do not want it to be a part of Time Trials.  It is way cooler than that. I do not have a clear vision for what the National presence for HC should be- IN GENERAL, I do not love programs to have different structures in different geographies- (an SCCA autocross should function basically the same, whether it is in California or Georgia, and by basically, I mean BASICALLY, which is not even close to “exactly.)  I don’t know that it is practical, important or possible for there to be “hillclimb unity” across the country, but it would be nice to have a shared vision/concept that new events could be built in- that to me feels like a Job#1 for a HCB. Fireworks… Can’t do much in 2018 without setting a few off.  Beyond all of that- I have a knowledge deficient about PHA, so am going to do some internet poking around.  I would love to have a chat with you, and perhaps anyone else who would appreciate a conversation.  Believe it or not, I am MOST interested in speaking with those who take issue with the current direction of TT, or the Club in general.  Sometimes it is a communications gap, sometimes it is a philosophical difference, and some times I am just plain wrong.  It’s really hard to figure out which by only talking to people who agree with me ☺

Hope this helps a little bit
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